Sagol Art Classes for children what we do

Art and craft studio for children’s and Adults

Art helps our mind and children’s in developing patience and concentration, building self-confidence & persistence.

Sagol art studio created on behalf of Lavender print .

Lavender Print, is the brainchild of Liron Moyal – a London-based paint and tattoo artist known for her vivid and distinctive designs. Combining her individual style, which is a mix of vibrant esoteric-inspired paintings and new school tattoo designs, with her love of fashion and experience as a mother, she created Lavender Print – to bring urban cool and tattoo inspired chic to children’s clothing art unique Home decoration product and art classes for children’s

in here Art life journey

she also teach art classes for children’s and adults she want to pass on her Love for Art and teach the magic of knowledge that art affect in our life

Sagol art studio for children's North London

In this class program

We will explore different materials with lots of creativity

Abstract and realistic painting with Acrylic and oil

DIY Art Projects

Enjoyable experiences through arts practice,painting, drawing and craft

Get familiar with the different materials, tools and colors mix, Shapes

We learn How to develop your idea into art

Where to find inspiration

How to create useful products from your art creations

How to use the colors to create 3D in different types of art

please see more information Here for terms and times available