Art &Craft classes for children’s

Sagol Art studio – By Liron moyal

Art Magic is helps kids in developing patience and concentration, building self-confidence & persistence.

i believe that children’s can express them selves better with Art and minimize stress and .happy growing with life

the fact it is heal children in very different ways

following in our all life as colors effecting our mood and happiness

we have an art class for children in North london .

Art & Craft classes

Term Dates all classes

2 Groups :

Mondays & Tuesdays group age 7-11 years

Thursday group age 5-6 years

6th Jan – 2nd April (12 weeks) term 2020

20th April -20th July ( 13 weeks) term 2020

In this class program

we will explore different materials with lots creativity.

*Abstract and realistic painting with Acrylic and oil

*DIY Art Projects

*enjoyable experiences through arts practice,painting, drawing and craft.

*Get familiar with the different materials, tools and colors mix, Shapes

*We learn How to develop your idea into art

*Where to find inspiration

*How to create useful products from your art creations

*How to use the colors to create 3D in different types of art.

Our art classes located in North London

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