Baby Gothic bibs

Baby Bibs are worn when consuming certain “messy” foods, to keep them from the “messy” drool…  Or just to wear it as fashion to fit the baby outfit.

Our Baby bibs are Super fashion created to make the accessories that we must need for our baby… with main fashion reasons! can be matched with everything and will bring colours and designs cool for every sweet little baby.

every mum would love to have for her baby something useful and fashionable

our baby bibs created with art painting with our artist Liron Moyal that created graffiti paintings in our collections

you can find our baby gothic bibs Here to Buy it now

we want to present the best baby bibs designs:

we really wanted to add the best patterns for cool kids


Music instrument

Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skulls baby bibs

 Sugar skulls Graffiti

Sugar skull Graffiti baby bibs