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Gothic fashion for children

Gothic fashion is marked by conspicuously dark, antiquated and homogeneous features.

The inspiration for Gothic punk style and fashion derived from the music that began in England during the early 1980s.

Gothic fashion style was inspired and created with dark, mostly black clothing.

Gothic fashion interpretations popularity has risen over the years and re-created by artists worldwide with a variety of updated looks, fabrics and colour combinations.

Parents who have funds memories from their youth now choose to get their children to wear gothic inspired fashion.




sugar skull pattern has given to the babies to be part of the styling in a very quality product for any accession and we think its the best gift ever for a punk cool mum

its created for babies age 0-18 months to be part of the coolest fashion

also created in  different colours and a range of special items and style

Baby grow sugar skull

baby sugar skull purple

it’s looks like the best gift you can find for a baby.


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