Sagol Art Studio

Art classes for children Age 5-12 years

Join our art club to explore different materials with lots creativity,

Enjoyable experiences through arts practice, painting, drawing and craft

Art Helps kids in developing patience and concentration, building self-confidence & persistence.
our amazing enjoyable art group to give the children enjoy and to have they place to feel free and messy and to learn new techniques in Art


We learn how to develop your idea into art, wear to find inspiration ,How to create useful products from your art creations

Art Technics

Abstract, realistic & 3DPainting , Moulding with Clay and plaster , Textures in art Shading and perspective

What we learn

Abstract, realistic & 3D painting with acrylic and oil , DIY art projects, Get familiar with the different materials, tools and colours mix, Shapes

It is beautiful to see how your children’s are developing and growing in the art skills , working together and learning a range of materials and Craft creation together with such a warm group. 
In this time of our lives  I appreciate that we have the option to be open for the children to keep the art classes and education with enjoyable rutting

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