Shop-Special order for Acrylic painting

set 3 power flower

Customize size Set Gold and metals colors

set 3 small

8″ x 10″ Set of 3


1 m X 1.5 M Gold leaf and Texture Abstract

Special order for painting

About our other art project and product we provide (created by Liron Moyal )

Liron is a London-based Artist in many creative projects she is a painter and tattoo artist known for her vivid and distinctive designs.

As a multi-art she doses we would like to percent more of her Art as our main Artist

Special order for painting

It’s a very unique service, that gives you the opportunity to Match the colors, the shape, the style and with your own personality from your house.

The painting created with Acrylic on quality Canvas.

How does it work

Part 1

  1. you choose the color the shapes show us your decoration in your house (with photos) colors and personality.
  2. will need to know what is your combination of colors that make you feel what you want in this room for the paint to be hung.
  3. be sure about the size for the wall

Now…. We have your details for the idea of your order

Part 2

Normally our Artist coming for a meeting in your house to see your decoration,

then we can give you an idea of better size shapes and colors that can be possible with your chosen details in the first stage

our Artist will give you a quick sketch to give you a better imagining of your painting that will be born soon.

if you wish to discuss the painting without the meeting at your house please contact us for more information.

we can show you samples of styles elements and more options of ideas for you in the meeting,

when it gives us an idea of what type of paint you want

then we will give you a quotation for the time of the work depending on the size and type elements material cost will be calculated also in the quotation

then estimated time for delivery will be set up.

you can choose to have the paint stretched on wooden bars or framed

for framing please contact us for more information to give you the option we have

then the painting will be ready to hang on your wall

we can create many things as Abstract, animals, geometric modern,  special textures and a freestyle unique Style of our Artist.

if you wish to order a customize painting please contact us

Monday – Friday 9:00-16:00


or please fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can up to 48 hours on working days.