Summer color in fashion

These summers we are creating special unique colors & designs

It’s nice to start the summer with nice new designer clothing for children

To bring them the light for their beauty life

  • Lavender: Is amazing color darker than purple that sparkle and fashionable all the year.
  • Purple: it’s a strong and high color creating a calm feeling.
  • Red rose: sweet color, princess color, amazing to shine the light of the princess inside.
  • Sky blue: a refreshing color that brings a clean feeling and flying dreams
  • Light greengreen is Nature color giving grounded feel growing and a new start, great for this summer

Our colors are very strong

the pattern is created and picked carefully and has the perfect combination for the right feeling.

this lovely Baby suit is created By Liron Moyal

Liron creation of pattern made from the beauty of the Mexican day of the dad celebration and she gives it a new color for the gothic style

Pastels colors that can suit the summer very well

the sugar skull pattern has many details and floral paints

the sweet soft colors is bright and happy, give the sugar skull a bit of cute style and soft feel

Liron’s have a variation of gifts designs for children and for home and decoration

check Liron’s creative pattern for the new 2019

visit Liron’s Etsy shop to view the Art of the gifts

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